Rob Cazin & Lauri Salladay

Directors Rob Cazin and Lauri Salladay’s projects begin with great characters. Working with the writer, the character designer creates a character “identity portrait.” Once the script is approved, the environment designer begins laying out floorplans, material sheets and elevations. Once the characters and environments are approved, the project passes to the storyboard artist. Working with the approved character and environment designs, the modelers begin building the sets and stars in 3D. Guided by the storyboards, the character designer creates expression sheets for the animators and modelers. Using the storyboards and scratch-track audio, Cazin and Salladay begin to block out each shot. They work with the support of the riggers, who must design skeletal/muscle systems and embed them into each character model as required by each character’s range of motion. As the animation begins to gel, the lighting director and the compositor step in. Together, they define the atmosphere and optical quality of each shot. Finally, the work of Cazin and Salladay comes together.