Lucas Ryan

Lucas Ryan graduated from SCAD with a BFA in animation where he was also president of their Classical Animation Society. Ryan is a director, animator and illustrator with the animation studio “Dagnabit!” He’s won a Telly award. For years before, he worked theme parks, an underground gypsy cart, and the Savannah riverfront as a caricaturist, stretching faces for cash. He has performed with, and directed, several improv comedy troupes. He taught improv, sang songs, told stories and built a life-sized, wooden camel that spits water and poops dates for Renaissance festivals. When he was born he cried in bass. He once won a mustache contest at an art museum that was exhibiting works by Salvador Dali. He’s wrestled a bear. He’s the honorary brother of a Belgian knight. An Egyptian ambassador attempted to buy an oil painting of him, but was turned down by the painter. He is… THE most interested in working on your project!