John Ryan

John is an artist trapped inside an animator. Well, not really trapped, as everything he does in animation is imbued with an artist’s original perspective and he never succumbs to the easy way out just to get something done quickly. He uses his keen sense of observation to get at the essence of a character or emotion, his artistry to draw it out, and his animation skills to bring it to life. So forget about being trapped, then – let’s just say that he’s a true artist and a great animator, without the trappings.

John Ryan brings a painterly, illustrative approach to his work. He has collaborated with a long list of top-notch illustrators and artists, including: Guy Billout, Bob Staake, Norm Bendell, Stephanie Powers, Bill Mayer, Jimmy Holder, Matisse, Van Gogh, and Picasso, to name-drop a few.