Joe Fournier

Joe Fournier is an award‐winning illustrator, animator and musician. His latest projects feature his compositions, performance and visual work. Joe’s Political and Cultural Caricatures, along with his editorial work have appeared in the following: Playboy Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine, The Sun Times, Forbes Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Gotham, Newsday, Musician, L.A. Weekly, Premiere Magazine and various other publications. Joe’s animations have appeared in festivals, both national and international, along with some unique settings such as The National Gallery of Art, Blockbuster compilations, a charity program for Afghan refugees, the Star Wars fan film competition on the Sci‐Fi (SyFy) Channel and the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. Joe’s music ranges from the silly (The Ballad of Stinky McEvil), to the somewhat less‐silly (Angelo and the Flight of the Umbrella People), to the far‐less‐silly‐not‐quite‐serious (Calder’s Circus).