Reflections on Being a New Mom From Joanna Davidovich

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Reflections on Being a New Mom From Joanna Davidovich




When you’re young you hear people talk about “balancing work and family,” but the meaning doesn’t really register with you. For me, when the notion of raising a child ever came up, all I could think of was that old Dana Carvey line “Kids are easy! You just put them in your pocket and feed them an M&M once in a while.” But I honestly didn’t think about it much. After all, my cartoons were my babies and I lavished all of my attention and spare time on them. And my biggest darling “Monkey Rag” took over four years of loving care before it could toddle about on its own. But the happy day did arrive when my husband and I became parents, and amid the glory and terror of that event there was a thorny thought that stuck in my brain: would I still be able to make cartoons? My new little bundle demanded all the focus and energy I had ever spent on my cartoons, and then some! I had a long dry spell without putting pencil to paper, and that thorny thought grew into a solid, unforgiving artists’ block. I came to accept that everything in my life would be different now, even the way I approaching drawing. So with trepidation, I started making rough, scribbly drawings about my experiences, ordinary though they were. I found that just getting something down on paper was a tonic not just for getting over the block, but for dealing with all the changes going on in my life. Plus, people found the scribbles kind of amusing! In the months that followed I kept it up, until I found I had enough material for a sassy little sketch book about babies and being a mom. I may not being able to draw for 14 hours a day anymore, but with this book I’ve proved to myself that not only can I keep drawing and animating while being a new mom, but my new role in life has opened up so many creative avenues I would never have otherwise explored. And also, nothing compares to that feeling of “d’aaawwww…lookit the baby!”

Get her book “Oh My God… I’m A Mom” at the link below.

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